Ecuador Partnership

I am honored to announce Samantha's garden will be partnering with Dunamis Foundation. (Boris Salinas) It’s the first safe house for women in human trafficking in South America. The Dunamis housing will house 20 girls & women. This haven will be a place where they will be told the truth of their Loving Heavenly Father. Samantha's Garden will have the privallage to travel to Ecuador and work with the women using gardening as a form of healing. We will be growing many of our flowers on the land. Dunamis will be leasing to us through our partnership with Minga! ( Linda McElheran Birr) (MINGA-working together for a common good.) The best part is, we are not the only ones.... other companies in Northwest AR will also be joining the journey. Samantha's Garden core is and will forever be a ministry before a business. Our purpose is to show Love and Grace through the beauty of flowers. Now even where we grow our flowers will share the story of God's restoration! * oh did I mention coffee beans 🙊 while stay tuned we have so much more to share! Follow our journey it's going to be amazing! To God be the glory my flowered friends!