Ecuador Partnership

I am honored to announce Samantha's garden will be partnering with Dunamis Foundation. (Boris Salinas) It’s the first safe house for women in human trafficking in South America. The Dunamis housing will house 20 girls & women. This haven will be a place where they will be told the truth of their Loving Heavenly Father. Samantha's Garden will have the privallage to travel to Ecuador and work with the women using gardening as a form of healing. We will be growing many of our flowers on the land. Dunamis will be leasing to us through our partnership with Minga! ( Linda McElheran Birr) (MINGA-working together for a common good.) The best part is, we are not the only ones.... other companies in Northwest AR will also be joining the journey. Samantha's Garden core is and will forever be a ministry before a business. Our purpose is to show Love and Grace through the beauty of flowers. Now even where we grow our flowers will share the story of God's restoration! * oh did I mention coffee beans πŸ™Š while stay tuned we have so much more to share! Follow our journey it's going to be amazing! To God be the glory my flowered friends!


Made to Create

Its 2am and I'm struggling to sleep. My mind is spinning over this past week. I went from ugly face crying telling God How am I going to get it all done! To WOW God it all got done and we were so blessed by many new relationships with our customers and collaborators! I have always said none of this is worth it if I cant share Samantha's story! His Faithfulness and Grace has carried me through my emotional rollercoaster many times! πŸ˜‰ This past year He has showed so much but the most profound lesson is... We were created in HIS IMAGE!! Ok so let that sink in! Now... GOD is a CREATOR therefore we are made to CREATE! πŸ€—πŸ˜ For those moments that you feel like something may be missing and you need clarity...GO CREATE!!


Your Why!!

What is your WHY?! Yesterday was a long day. I worked a full day at my full time job, went to the shop on my lunch break to do a little design work, and visit with customers. After work I had multiple wedding consultations. I didn't get home until almost 9pm. I say all this because I want to always be transparent. Behind the the beautiful arrangements, the perfect post, the fun events... is a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, some crying lol, and of course lots of praying. Every morning I wake up I run to my quiet place asking God to renew me, cover me in Grace and provide wisdom and knowledge for the new issues I may face for that day. Samantha's Garden is more then just Flowers it's Gods evidence of Restoration and Grace!


The Call

What started off as a way to heal from the heartache of the difficult decision to abort our daughter Samantha, I began using my hands to create beautiful flower arrangements that magnify God's unwavering Mercy and His perfect Grace. After many years of uprooting seeds of guilt, unforgiveness and shame, we have found peace. During this process, we have learned to plant seeds of forgiveness, water those seeds with His love and compassion and then watch a beautiful transformation take place just as a seed turns into a flower. Our passion is to share this peace with others through the beauty of flowers.